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             SS: ++*B SGCH Redwood Hills Sunshine Reverie
    S: +*B SG Mt Zion Reverie Deja VU (pictured at bottom of page)
          SD: Mt Zion  DJ Juana 4*M                 

          DS: ++*B Serendipity's Bruiser
    D: SG Greene Herb SB Blazenberry 3*B
`      D: Greene Herb Kodiak Beebleberry 2*M

  Thanks to Karin Reyna, who collected Deja Vu in his prime, we have  his son "DV" as our current senior herdsire.  He's an eye-catching black with white markings, long bodied, very tall and sharp.  At age 7, he has developed the body capacity to go with his long legs and back.  He's exceptionally flat over the rump, and still standing on strong feet and legs. DV has an outstanding front end assembly, and plenty of dairy character without sacrificing masculinity.  His milking daughter Nouvelle is a heavy milker (linear apprasal score +V+V 85), and his newest daughters Pagoda (dam: Perilla) and Provence (dam: Pudi) are sharp, stylish, and have inherited their sire's long legs and body.   Both DV's  dam and granddam appraised VG88.  Pagoda appraised VV+V 85 and Provence +VAV 82 as yearlings, fresh only a few weeks.  DV is half brother to Shari Reyna's lineup of 90 plus does.  His half-brother Pouvoir (out of Pennyroyal, one of our lovely Sunshine Rosema Remedy daughters), is the newest addition to our buck lineup.   

DOUGIE, 2010

Dougie is our full-blood Boer buck!  (Joint ownership with Zen Split Hoof) We're thrilled to have him, he's extremely stocky, very gentle, and just a totally lovely boy.  Just look at the powerful front end on this guy!  We have two doelings out of Perilla for sale (available at weaning in late June) at $1.40 per pound.  They are very large and powerful, and not too dairy.  They'd make fantastic brood does for someone wanting to raise meat goats.  We don't have registraion papers on Dougie, but he's out of Dr. Cary Heyward's outstanding Lynx Hollow herd.


Greene Herb DV Pouvoir 2012

++*B Sunshine Stella's Vicar (AR34, CL27)
SS: SGCH ++*B Redwood Hills Sunshine Reverie (AR36, CL31)
GCH Redwood Hills Fortune Teller 4*M (AR29,CL27)
S. +*B SG Mt Zion Reverie Deja Vu
B Mt Zion K Delight's Don Juan 
SD: Mt Zion DJ Juana 4*M (AR36)
Mt Zion ES Calamity Jane 3*M (AR35)

DS: SG Sunshine Rosema Remedy
D. Greene Herb Remedy Pennyroyal
*B SG Mt Zion WFK Cairo
DD: Greene Herb Cairo Puduhepa
Greene Herb Deja Phantasia

Greene Herb Remedy Pennyroyal

We're pretty thrilled with our youngest buck. He's exceptionally long and sharp, standing on correct feet and legs and with a sound front end assembly, like his sire
Deja Vu and his half-brother D.V. He's grown a lot and flattened out considerably since this photo was taken, we'll be updating it soon. We have three lovely daughters, photos on the doe page.

And. . .  Greene Herb DV Pouvoir AA1612871 is listed on the Young Sire Development list with ETA of 31 Type/production 2:1 and 16 Production/Type 1:2.   Pouve was linear appraised with a final score of VVE 86, very good for a yearling buck!  Pouve's dam, Penny, just took Reserve Grand Champion at the 2014 Lane County Fair. 

More Bucks!





    ++*B Sunshine Stella's Vicar (AR34, CL27)
S: GCH ++*B Redwood Hills Sunshine Reverie (AR36, CL31)
GCH Redwood Hills Fortune Teller 4*M (AR29,CL27)

*B Mt Zion K Delight's Don Juan 
D: Mt Zion DJ Juana 4*M (AR36)
Mt Zion ES Calamity Jane 3*M (AR35)

Deja Vu's sire is one of the top bucks of the breed, siring National Show winning senior get does.  Juana was a stylish doe with a beautiful mammary system; she classified FS 86 (V E V +). Deja Vu won two Best in Show awards,  although he was never shown much.  He was long bodied, "walked uphill", had excellent set to the rear legs, a level topline and a wide, powerful front end.  His daughters have shown uniformly attractive mammary systems with high, wide tight rear attachment, shapely teats, and lots of foreudder extension.  Several daughters in the Mt. Zion herd have shown very well, placing GCH at various shows and type evaluating EX.  Greene Herb Deja Thoris was GCH and Best of Breed at the 1995 Emerald Dairy Goat Association show, one of only two she attended as a mature doe.  Deja Vu is now deceased, but will be available through AI for many years .

Deja Vu was HES appraised at age 8-03 by Harvey Considine with a score of EX 90.6; Dairy Character 93, Body Capacity 88 and General Appearance 90. Harvey commented on his "beautiful head".  Daughters' HES scores were 90.75, 88.4, 88.8, 88.8, 88.25.  He's also on ADGA's Superior Genetics list.

Daughters in Shari Reyna's herd Linear Appraisal scores:

Mt Zion DV Ariella 91(EEEE)  (Champion Alpine at 2004 Oregon State Fair)
 Mt Zion DV Katt 90(EEVE)
Mt Zion DV Wildrose (at 7 yrs)   90(EEEV)


*B SG Mt ZION WFK CAIRO 7/01/02    

                SS: Kevin's Xtreme Exurbanite +*B
          S: Walnut Fork XE Khartoum +*B
                SD: GCH Paisley Park T Kenya 6*M

                DS: Mt Zion On the Double ++*B
          D: Mt Zion OTD Aerie 4*M
                DD: Mt Zion DV Osprey 3*M


We are sad to have to announce that we lost the "old man" last winter, at age nine.  Cairo rated near the top of the 2003 Sire Development program!  He scored an impressive ETA 2:1 63 for production, and a phenomenal ETA 1:2 125 for type.  Check out ADGA's web page at for details on how to interpret these scores.  His half-sister Mt Zion DV Ariella, sired by our own Deja Vu, was LA 91 EEEE, and Champion Alpine at 2004 Oregon State Fair. His half-sister Greene Herb WFK Nablus was Best Alpine Udder at 2011 Lane Co  Fair.  Cairo's daughters are very smooth, stylish does with level toplines & strong feet & legs, plus tight, snug mammary systems..  Cairo was tall and sharp with loads of dairy character.  Many thanks to Shari Reyna of Mt Zion Dairy Goats for breeding this outstanding buck.  Cairo appraised +EV 82 as a two-year-old,  His semen is in the tank, so we can continue to use him.


    Towhee Farm Ursa Minor +*B
S: Mt Zion Ursa Calliope +*B
Mt Zion Reverie Nickelodeon 2*M (Deja Vu full sister)

Emperor Sonny ++*B
D: GCH Mt Zion ES North to Alaska 5*M
Mt Zion KMS Northern Lights 4*M

Kodiak reliably throws solid, milky does who produce well. Many of his daughters have milked through for two-year lactations; others have done quite well in the few shows we manage to attend.
 His dam,  North, Linear Appraised in 1997 with a score of 90 EEVE. First DHIR test was 13.6#, previous lactation 287 2423.
Kodiak appraised VEE 88 at age eight, an outstanding result.  Kodiak is now deceased, but lives on through his daughters and A-I.

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