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                                                                                     Dairy Herd, and Best 3 Senior Does lineup at the 2014 Lane County Fair: Perilla, Pagoda and Penny


                                                          2014/2015 Does


We're proud of our girls' performance at the 2014 Lane County Fair!  Pandora was Jr. Champion, Penny and Pagoda took first in their classes, and we placed first in Dairy Herd, Breeder's Trio (senior does), Best 3 Junior Does, Junior Get of Sire, Generations (granddam, dam & daughter), and  Senior Produce of dam!  To top it all off, Penny was Reserve Grand Champion.

Linear appraisal scores are official!  All our does scored V or E in both dairy character and mammary system.  The appraiser commented on the consistent superiority of our mammary systems-- high praise coming from one of the top Alpine breeders in the country!  Scores are listed below for each doe (and Pouvoir on the buck page).

Greene Herb Cairo Puduhepa (5/16/03)

                               SS: Walnut Fork XE Khartoum
                   S; SG Mt Zion WFK Cairo
                               SD: Mt Zion OTD Aerie
                               DS: Mt Zion Reverie Deja Vu
                    D: Maple Farm Deja Phantasia
                               DD: Greene Herb Pond Ping

Puduhepa has earned a dignified retirement.  As the progenitor of almost all of our lovely does, we won't be breeding her again.

Linear appraisal scores are in!  At age 10, Pudi appraised VEVV 87




Greene Herb DV Nouvelle (4/28/07)

SS: SG Mt Zion Reverie Deja Vu +*B

               S:Greene Herb DV All Over Again

                    SD: SG Greene Herb SB Blazenberry

                    DS: Sunshine Rosema Remedy

              D: Greene Herb Remedy Nettle

                   DD: Greene Herb Deja Naboo

She's another one of our colorful does, with lots of dairy character.  Nice mammary system, too.  Photos above ares from 2009 Lane County Fair, those below from 2011.     Nouvelle appraised at +V+V85, at age 6.  She kidded with triplet "Boerpines" this year and has had trouble keeping her weight up, so she's taking a year off.

Nouvelle Side Nouvelle Rear View


Greene Herb Remedy Pennyroyal  (4/03/2010)
Greene Herb Remedy Perilla (4/03/2010)        

     SS: Sunshine Seigi Sector

S: SG Sunshine Rosema Remedy +*B

     DS: SG Mt Zion WFK Cairo *B

D: Greene Herb Cairo Puduhepa

     DD: Maple Farm Deja Phantasia 4*M

These are two of our classic Alpines-- strong, long, and tall with well attached mammary systems and the will to milk.  Penny at  4 is one of the tallest does we've ever bred-- the photo on the left below (taken last summer) doesn't do her justice, she's grown a lot since then!  Perilla is a little smaller, although she's still quite large.

 Penny was linear appraised at AV+V 82,  PENNY WAS RESEVE GRAND CHAMPION AT THE 2014 LANE COUNTY FAIR.  She was quite proud to pose with her rosette ribbons!

Perilla's linear appraisal score was +V+E 85 (note the excellent mammary!)







Greene Herb DV Pagoda
        S: Greene Herb  D.V. All Over Again
        D: Greene Herb Remedy Perilla
Pagoda's a gorgeous girl-- big, powerful, long and structurally correct from ears to toes.  She was Reserve Junior Champion at the 2012 Lane County Fair (the judge commented that the only reason she wasn't Grand was she was a bit "overconditioned" from too many groceries!)  Pagoda was linear appraised at VV+V 85, a great score for a yearling, and just look at her as a two-year-old.


Greene Herb DV Provence

        S: Greene Herb D.V. All Over Again
         D: Greene Herb Cairo Pudeuhepa
"Spotty" was 1st in her class at the 2012 Lane County Fair, and she's about as sharp and dairy as she can be. She linear apprased at +VAV 82 at one year, and fresh only three weeks! 


Greene Herb PV Paisley (sire: Pouvoir, dam: Provence)  Paisley got pretty fat as a dry yearling, but she's determined to milk it off once she freshens.  She stands on correct feet & legs and has a lovely topline.  There's dairy character there, too.

Greene Herb PV Nanette  (sire: Pouvoir, dam: Nouvelle)  This is a growthy young girl, and once she freshens and milks off some of that fat, should be a sound, productive doe.

Greene Herb PV Pandora (sire: Pouvire, dam: Pagoda)  This lovely doeling was Junior Champion at the 2014 Lane County Fair, and she looks a lot like her mother Pagoda. Very sharp, angular, and dairy, smooth blended and sound.  Her handler is Sierra Owens, Champion Showman at the 2014 Lane County 4H Fair!


Our well established crossbreeding program produces big, strong not-too-dairy kids.  Most of our does without pre-ordered Alpine kids will be bred Boer again this year, so contact us early if you're interested.  We hope to have several available, sired by our full-blood Boer buck, Dougie, for 2015. 


****Tired of the same old cou blancs and boring "generic Alpine" chamoisees? ****

Want to put some color into your Alpine herd? We have goats with spots, belts, and blazes galore-- black goats, sundgaus, cou noirs, pied, oreo cookie, and "cou chamoisee" (brown or gray front half, white rear). One of our wether kids even sported perfect Mousketeer ears on his left side!
(Click here for picture of "Mousketeer" goat)

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